Martin Buber and Facebook

Martin Buber explains why no serious issues will ever be resolved on Facebook:
Today host upon host of men have everywhere sunk into the slavery of collectives, and each collective is the supreme authority for its own slaves; there is no longer, superior to the collectives, any universal sovereignty in idea, faith,or spirit.  Against the values, decrees, and decisions of the collective no appeal is possible.  This is true not only for the totalitarian countries, but also for the parties and party-like groups in the so-called democracies.  Men who have so lost themselves to the collective Moloch cannot be rescued from it by any reference, however eloquent, to the absolute whose kingdom the Moloch has usurped.  One has to begin by pointing to that sphere where man himself, in the hours of utter solitude, occasionally becomes aware of the disease through sudden pain: by pointing to the relation of the individual to his own self.  In order to enter into a personal relation with the absolute, it is first necessary to be a person again, to rescue one’s real personal self from the fiery jaws of collectivism which devours all selfhood.