Reading Teilhard in Guatemala

Fire and heart.  The fire is the fire of divine love and the heart is the living center of human life and the symbol of all centers, the essence of reality itself, the diaphany of the divine at the heart of a glowing universe.

To live the cosmic life is to live dominated by the consciousness that one is an atom in the body of the mystical and cosmic Christ.  Such a person’s heart is always more receptive.

The material world can today be seen by us as suspended from the spiritual consciousness of human beings.  The world we see is still profoundly unstable and incomplete. Unstable because the millions of souls (living or deported) now included in the cosmos form an uneasy multiple that for mechanical reasons must have a center if it is to hold together. Incomplete because while it represents a weakness, their very plurality is a strength and a source of hope for the future - that being the demand for or the anticipation of a later unification in spirit.